Poison for dinner

In 2019 the Brazilian government legalized more than 380 new agrochemicals, , a record in the history of the country. These invisible poisons are in nearly every product , in fact every Brazilian consumes 7 l of agrochemicals per year. The whole world should be worried with this issue since much of the contaminated products are exported throughout the world. 

In this project poison is shown as a disturbing element. This herbarium portraits some of Brazilian most consumed products, all of which has an hidden ingredient. 

Quebra – cabeça

Life at Ecrama

In Santa Luzia do Pará (PA/BR), there’s a school that teaches a new form of farming to young small-scale farmers. Conventionally, family farmers use unsustainable methods to keep up with big landowners that are favourited by the government. These methods consist in slash-and-burn agriculture and in a large use of agrochemicals, which cause great damage to nature and people. To tackle this issue the Escola Ecrama has created a series of courses and events to spread the ideals of agroecology. The students attending these courses discover new methods and sustainable techniques besides sharing experiences, thoughts and ideas with one another during the time spent in the school. The use of homemade biofertilizer, closed-system fish farming and animal traction are completely new to the students who, besides learning the practice, discover that is possible for them to apply these methods in their properties without a huge investment and increase their production.



“Riflesso” is a project where I investigate the meaning and the work of the photographic assistant

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